Supporting Christian communities in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and Pakistan.

For Christians, the Middle East is the birthplace of our faith. It is home to the Garden of Eden; the resting place of Noah’s ark; and the birthplace of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the prophets, Jesus, and the twelve apostles. The Bible also tells us that it is where Jesus will return to rule and reign. Today, new churches are being formed and led by brave believers, many of whom come from a Muslim background, who have chosen to stay in their home countries despite the great.



The MENA Collective is proud to support a growing network of more than 120 ministries serving in the MENA region. These ministries are led by men and women who are passionately following Christ and leading dynamic Christian communities who are boldly reaching the Muslim majority for Christ. All of our ministry partners are independently vetted and represent the most trusted ministries from across the Greater Middle East.


In cooperation with PrayerCast, join indigenous believers in praying for their countries.

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