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Saving lives in Pakistan

Imagine having no running water in your home. You begin hearing reports of a virus called COVID-19 and the government begins urging citizens to stay home and wash their hands to stay healthy. Your father no longer can get work as a bricklayer in the local town, your family doesn’t have enough money for two meals a day let alone soap or hand sanitizer.

For over ten years our partners at the Pakistan Missions Society have reached and served unreached and underprivileged communities across Pakistan regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, class, religion, or social background. Their teams of local Pakistani Christians travel to unreached villages training them in lifesaving skills and sharing the good news of Jesus.

As COVID-19 cases began to spread in Pakistan, our partners knew they had to do something. They began sending teams to villages training communities in essential hand washing skills, constructing outdoor toilets to control waste management, and building water collection ponds.

“God is so good,” a staff member shared. “We were able to construct a water pond for a village which had been facing water scarcity for over three decades! Now, more than 80 households have access to fresh, clean water."

Jemti Pehlaj is a young mother with a small baby, our partner’s team traveled to her village and trained families how to build latrines next to their homes. “PMS team equipped me with latrine construction skills,” Jemti shared with us. “Now I have constructed a latrine with local materials. It will protect us from diseases, I am so thankful.”

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