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From a life of fear to faith in Jesus Christ

“I didn’t know what else to do, so I prayed,” Afaf shared with our partners, Horizons International.

Afaf’s situation was terrible, her husband had died in Syria and she was raising four children in a tarp structure on the border of Lebanon in Syria. Now with COVID-19, Afaf didn’t know how she was going to provide for her children.

“Even though it was a very difficult situation, I just continued praising God for his blessings every day,” Afaf said.

One day, Afaf opened the door to her tent and saw on the doorstep a portion of food. She didn’t know where it had come from. With joy, Afaf examined the contents. “I couldn’t believe it,” Afaf said. “But I knew my neighbor also was in great need of food, and I felt God telling me to share the food with her. We wanted to keep it all. We had nothing, how could I share? But I did, we split it half and half.”

“The next day, I opened my door and an even bigger food portion showed up on my door again!” Afaf exclaimed. “I really believe this is God responding to my faith.”

The staff at Horizons international are working around the clock to provide for refugee families in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and other countries across the Middle East.

Would you pray with us for Horizons International? •Pray for continued funds for paying staff's salaries and purchasing food and health supplies for refugee families in need. •Pray for perseverance, that in the midst of the stress and worry of COVID-19 Horizons would continue to be a beacon of hope. •Pray for health for all Horizons staff and for the many refugees living in crowded camps accross Lebanon.


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