Here's how you can bring God's love, hope, and healing to the people of Beirut.

Lebanon's August 4 port explosion left nearly 200 dead, 6,000 injured, and 300,000 displaced from their homes. Join the network of Christian ministries and churches in responding and providing:


  • Spiritual support and pastoral care

  • Repair and rebuilding

  • Food, medical, and other aid

  • Trauma support and counseling


Doubled by a $100,000 matching offer, your gift will empower 16 Lebanese ministries and churches – and their broader network of partners – in responding to the crisis. When you give, 100% of your gift goes directly to our ministry partners. Thank you!

Stand with the MENA Collective's trusted network of ministries and churches in Beirut


Beirut Relief Fund Updates 

Church Partners

Churches can partner with the MENA Collective to provide support for ministries and churches in Beirut. Connect with our team today to learn more. 

Spread the word

Share the news about the Beirut Relief fund on your social media pages with your friends, family, church, or small group. 

Interested in making a larger gift?

If you have a foundation, family office, or donor-advised fund and would like to know more about making a larger gift to support the Beirut Relief Fund, click the link below to be connected to our resource development team. 

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